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Marissa Repp is the principal of the Repp Law Firm.  Marissa practiced for over 25 years with a major international law firm based in DC before hanging out her shingle with the Repp Law Firm to better serve the needs of communications clients.  Repp Law Firm leverages big law firm expertise with the advantages of a boutique law firm.

Marissa represents clients before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and state public utility commissions, with emphasis on broadcast transactions and regulation, the federal licensing of communications technologies and federal and state approvals for telecommunications transactions.

Marissa brings her years of experience in communications law to counsel clients on the structuring of transactions and enterprises to comply with regulatory guidelines.  Marissa advises investors in enterprises holding FCC licenses, negotiates contracts and obtains governmental consents for transactions.  Her clients have ranged from large, multinational multimedia corporations to "Mom and Pop" broadcast station owners, from commercial enterprises to noncommercial educational institutions.

Marissa has participated in negotiating and securing regulatory approvals for scores of media transactions, including multi-station group acquisitions and mergers, single station sales, and noncommercial assignments.  She has extensive experience with regulatory issues relating to communications transactions and she has negotiated dozens of cooperative operating agreements, such as local marketing, joint sales, digital channel and spectrum lease agreements.   Marissa guides FCC-licensees through the license renewal process.  She is highly knowledgeable as to the FCC's multiple ownership and attribution rules, and has obtained multiple ownership waivers for media combinations.   She counsels clients, through individualized advice and client memoranda, as to compliance with FCC regulations in all aspects of broadcast station operation, and assists in responding to FCC enforcement inquiries and audits.   Marissa works with clients and consulting engineers in maximizing broadcast signals through the FCC, including community of license changes.   She advises on the licensing of telecommunications spectrum, including uses for business radio, broadband radio service and educational broadband service technologies.  She also practices before the FCC and state public utility commissions relating to regulatory approvals for telecommunications mergers and bankruptcy reorganizations. 


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